comparisons.. in yoga, and life.


i looked spastic and awkward in the top photo, i know! hahaha! for some reason, i am better at ‘leaning’ onto my left arm/body and my left hips seems tighter.. so my right side always seems a little more spastic when i attempt certain poses.

and this applies to everyone and in different aspects of our life, isn’t it?
we all have different strengths and weaknesses..

i always remind people in class that our bodies are all different so it’s okay if you take months to learn a pose and some just take 1 day. like how some people are just born talented or rich..

but many times, i forget about this and often beat myself up when i fail to do certain poses.. and in other aspects of life.

but you see.. it will be a vicious cycle. using as an example.. i am better at ‘leaning’ onto my left arm/body probably cos its stronger there. and my left hips seems tighter because i always ‘lean’ on left leg too. so the vicious cycle continue, the more i lean to left, the stronger it gets, the tighter it becomes.

what you feed, grows.

when we compare ourselves with people, whether on the mat or in life.. we worked hard to ‘be like them’ then when we reached, we realised someone else is doing better than us. and we work hard again, and again and again.. losing ourselves in the process.

this picture is a mindful reminder and example that differences occur even within just one body! if our left and right side cannot do the same, how can we do the same compare to others?

so be aware of what we are lacking and work on our own progression instead of comparing.. for this case, i have to be mindful and start working on my right side! sure, we can have role models and people to look up to.. but you know the difference between that and comparing right? :)

Never compare your journey with someone else’s. Someone else may start out faster than you, may seem to progress more quickly than you but your journey is your journey. Its not a competition.   ~ Cheryl Jacobs

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